This iPad Changed My Life (and I’m naming my first born Jamie to show my gratitude)

A week ago I was completely stuck, having to create human character illustrations, starting a new book, planning new activities, trying a new technique! I was so lost.

I tried sketching some people who kind of matched my illustration style of my first book, which I was okay with. I then scanned the sketch and brought it into illustrator and tried to trace them. First I used the pen tool, my personal golden standard for illustration. I hated it. Then I tried using the brush tool and my drawing tablet. Somehow that was even worse! I was so frustrated! I knew that I couldn’t do the rest of the books by hand like I did with grade one. As much as I love the way it turned out, I would be illustrating until I was 100.

And then Jamie came to the rescue! He found an iPad pro and Apple Pencil that belong to the school that I could use, set me up with the app Paper, and changed my life.

First I designed my characters
Then I gave them parents

They’re a little rough, but I kind of love them? And it’s all coming together so fast!

I could never have imagined getting so much done so quickly by hand. And on top of that, IT’S ALREADY DIGITIZED! I’m still working off of my grid, which is going to be a hurdle to get over in the future, but I’m a sucker for a good grid.

I no longer feel so behind (even though I am behind the schedule I made for myself, I have hope that I’ll get back on track this week). I’m sorry bank account, but as soon as I have to give this iPad back, I need to get my own.

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