Mary Jane has no lane.

I didn’t realize how out of practice I was with my writing. I blame Facebook for getting me in the habit of quick and witty retorts to combat the internet trolls of yesteryear. The social media platform has taught me to be quick, to be aware and to try to have the last word (last one I’m working on now as an adult — it’s been way better, 85% increase) in a Facebook disagreement listed on your bumblefuck of a state’s regional titled newspaper with a trump supporter who fails to grasp the concept of human decency.

I’m telling myself now as of April 11, 2017 — i am committing myself to writing an article once every other day until April 28, 2017. As I sit here watching the season 3 opener of American Crime I realize I have quite a task ahead of me. I wanted to count this as my first piece but my intention is to read a story, have an opinion or reaction, and talk about it. So heres to at least 9 articles in 17 days.

My titles come from the random thoughts in my head. They dont necessarily have anything to do with the next. 0mq, i`m s0O tr3ndy /3