Thank you Bettye. I agree with that statement, that it makes life more bearable sometimes.

You’re very welcome, I’m late to the party with your writing journal, but, I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas. It’s encouraging to me. Being open in this type of space takes courage. It also takes strength and faith. You said -here I am in my pieces, maybe my understanding of my pieces may help you, however, do not try me by questioning or judging my interpretation of my pieces. I welcome your support.- I love that! For me, it’s something added to this conversation that’s unfolding for me about mental illness in our community. Being from two different countries I see that among “black” women it’s a global issue. This stigma of mental illness and the unwillingness to be open about it. To dialogue about it. Thanks for being so open and pushing the door open a little wider by standing up for your right to feel and not be harassed about it. That dahlin’, is an exercise in faith. Bravo!

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