In the Moment…..

Everyone seemed preoccupied thinking about the clothes they desired to sow for the next upcoming wedding. Ladies ran around looking for measuring tapes and gentlemen took on the task of looking busy.

As I arrived to the church building, I could hear the sounds of the musical instruments as the musicians began to warm up with the anticipation of playing. Instead of entering the building, I took my corner outside the door and started my own measurements for my new native attire. When I was done making adjustments, I quickly entered the church so I could at least catch the remaining last bit of the Church service.

As I approached my seat, the first think that grabbed my attention was the fact that there were a bunch of new faces in the choir. I guessed that they were new comers who recently joined the choir. To my far left were the old faces from the church choir. They appeared to be dull and lacked energy. It was embarrassing to watch as the new members had so much enthusiasm and it was quite evident from their demeanour that they loved God with all their heart. To be honest I was cringing. I looked around the hall and it was only the faces I didn’t recognise that were connected in the Spirit and were worshipping God. Old church member continued to pass by the aisle and rush to complete the tasks they had their minds set to do.

Trying my best to put aside the guilt I had for missing most of the service, I closed my eyes, lifted both my hands above my head and worshipped Jesus. And in that moment I woke up from my dream. That morning I definitely had something to pray about.

Yours with Love,


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