Is That Why ?

Is that why you are not talking to God now ? Since every prayer has been answered and you no longer have any 'needs’ you are all good now. Fulfilled and satisfied. Until the next turn around of events , you put on a smile and live your life all by yourself. You become the controller instead of seeking continual guidance even when all is rosy.

What is your interpretation of this picture ?

Jesus stands in the cold knocking at the door of your heart , waiting for it to crack just a little bit so you can welcome Him back in.

Maybe this is why God doesn’t give us all that we want . Because we will turn our backs and forget about him. .

If you really think about it, you can never really have all what you want but you can choose to be content with what you have.

Pain is a reminder of who you are and who He is to you. Pain keeps you real and authentic. It creates in you a humble spirit.

There is a season for everything in life: both good and bad.

So In all season always thank God. You never really know what you are being protected from when the sun is shining. We face battles each day, most of them we don’t know about.

I mean if God makes us aware of every potential danger that He shields us from then I don’t think we will have the confidence to live in our 'self-sufficiency’.

Yours with Love,


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