The Retreat

After concluding the young adults retreat there was so much that I thought I knew but actually didn’t know. In my mind I felt the strong urge to break free from culture and tradition. I had been mulling over this a week or two prior to the retreat. God used the few days away as an opportunity to enlighten me in so many areas. As the retreat progressed the pastor in charge strongly advised us to avoid tradition, culture and mind-set and I smiled. I began to think about my life and how I allowed myself to be led through those confinements. Be most assured I will shed some light on that topic in an upcoming post.

What’s on your mind ?

Before the retreat I had been meditating about my use of the word ‘church’. Culture has made us refer to church buildings as ‘the church’, whereas little house fellowships are also churches. A ‘Church’ in the biblical sense is the body of people. This theology is based on several passages in the Bible, including Romans 12:5,1 Corinthians 12:12–27, Ephesians 3:6 and 5:23, Colossians 1:18 and Colossians 1:24. Jesus Christ is seen as the “head” of the body, which is the church, while the “members” of the body are seen as members of the Church. I have consciously decided to call the place of worship as the house of God. There is nowhere in the word of God where it refers the word ‘church’ as a physical place. Therefore it is not possible to have ‘church’, as most Christians like to say. But some may agree to disagree.

Free to Live, Free to Worship

After I got saved, going to worship God with other believers was something I enjoyed immensely. Through fellowship I grew in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. He would also speak to me through man, but it may not necessarily be spoken directly to me. Even though I had a relationship with God, I often found myself wanting to receive a word of knowledge or prophesy over my life. Whether it was to confirm certain things that God had spoken to me about or lead me in a specific direction, I was just expecting. In the early days words of knowledge would come from Pastors and ministers, and I would wold receive it by faith with a loud amen. But overtime that stopped. Even at different church events others would be prophesied on and I always asked God ‘What about me?’ And nothing would come. Especially when it came to the part of ‘Thus says the Lord…’.It was as if I wanted God to tell them about me; as if God could not speak to me directly at that moment. During the retreat God reiterated to me that the way He speaks to me about the little things in my life is the same way He will speak about important life decisions. We cannot be led by minsters of God but only by the Holy Spirit. This is because they are flesh and blood, and are also prone to make mistakes.

At times we place certain men and women of God in a higher ranking than we should because of the manifestations we see during their ministration. One can argue that Peter as an apostle would have been regarded with greater honour because he was a disciple of Jesus Christ. Yet in 2 Peter 1:1b (‘To those who have obtained like precious faith with us by the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ..’) Peter referred to the group of believers he was writing to as those that shared the same faith as him. So if they had what Peter had why would there be a need for partiality? As Christians we are no different from those that are publicly awed for the display of power in their lives. It is all about a relationship with God, living a Holy life and learning how to get on your knees in repentance when we fall short. Knowing the word of God is paramount. Don’t let anyone misled you with a demonstration of fire and power. Nowadays people are looking for signs and wonder to follow, instead of the Saviour of the World; the Lord Jesus Christ.

You could be going through a tough situation or turning points in your life where you need God to speak to you. This is a crucial moment to ask Him for yourself. Yes, God can send His men and women to speak into your life but be aware to test ever spirit. Let words be a confirmation to you, and if not then seek that confirmation. One of the ways you know you are hearing the truth is when you have peace in your heart in regards to what has been imparted to you. Remember that God does NOT confuse His children.

Yours with Love,


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