Singing makes it better…

Last week I had a heated argument with my hubby, and in the middle of it, I burst into a song, it wasn’t a song directed at him… it was just a happy song..I suddenly felt better. It was easier to forgive let go and drop the positional bargaining. Life didn’t seem like it depended on my winning any more.

As I drove to work, people drove in their crazy, unnecessarily competitive manner and as usual…I started to well up some road rage, I remembered my song therapy and I felt better, I even started to notice how comical the whole thing looked, before long I was smiling and singing and singing and smiling and singing the whole day long…

Life is hard…a little song and it’s easier to notice that there are actually birds flying calmly by, even in the not so calm Lagos skyline. Only then do you also notice that besides the street fights starring the bus conductor and the frustrated passenger of the yellow buses, in one corner a love story is unfolding of a stunning bread hawker and a hungry capitalist world of fashion.

You begin to notice the various bands of school uniform colours that squeeze between the twists and turns of Lagos traffic, the faces of determined young children scurrying to their school. Why didnt anyone tell me all along? singing sure makes it much more beautiful!

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