3 Things about User research from a beginner’s point of view

This week, i have started to learn about user research. User research is a very broad topic, it requires you to have a variety of skill to accomplish a comprehensive user research. i have learned a lot from out tutor, Albert, a experienced consultant in this field.

these are 3 things i found most fascinating for a beginner.

1. You just need to know “Why”

When we conduct a research for users, we may probably obsess with what questions i should ask. however, the most important thing is, why we ask these questions? what is your intention to ask these questions? are you trying to know more about users or, you want to convince users to give your product a try? Ask questions without making any assumption. that’s the way to find out the truth.

2. Extreme users’ opinion

After we did the user research, we will find the pattern of opinion be like this.

Similar opinion will be held by most people. And “some people” will hold the extreme opinions. You have to take these “usual opinion” in account as it will help to develop a nearly prefect product. Extreme opinion is for you to set the ceiling and bottom line. you need to have a product which carter the needs of majority and also the minority. Usually these small groups of people will be your die hard fans or early user. DO NOT let them slip away.

3. Jumps up, down to the rabbit hole

During the user research, we will have a interview guide, to list out what question we need to cover during this interview. In some cases, you cannot follow the flow you have set before, interviewees may jump to another topic which amused them. So it is the time for you to decide, whether you choose to go with the flow and chat with them or, you stick with the guideline. For me, i will trust my gut cause i think user research is like a exploring journey, there is no right or wrong answer. Stay open minded, you may another view.

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