When i go to start-up bootcamp, that’s what i learnt #1

I had my first lesson in Alpha Camp today. And it means quite a lot to me.

ALPHA Camp is a tech and startup school with campuses in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Their mission is to help talents in Asia build careers in technology. They help you develop future-ready skills, entrepreneurial mindset, and the professional network to succeed in the digital economy.

It has been a while since i picked up my textbook and studied. i felt kind of refresh when you re-join your “official learning journey”. After few years working in digital marketing field, you probably forgot the reason why you joined this industry. you have dragged away by clients, internal meetings and other stuffs. You will need a break, you will need to take a leap of faith, to reboot what you think it is right, the way you work and communicate. Then i started to rethink the future of my career. Just like our tutor and mentor said today

The future of talent changed.

you have to capable to rapid change of technology, combining different vertical and make a change, meanwhile, see things in a holistic way.

In the era of digital, you cannot win by your expertise, cause it will be replaced by machine or cheaper labour, not today, just a matter of time. You can only win by your mindset, it includes critical thinking, logical thinking, openness to new things, learn and learn quickly. It is the time you can disrupt the fundamental assumption of elite, you can be one of those successful people you think you never gonna be.

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