When i go to start-up bootcamp, that’s what i learnt #2

we got 2 core lessons last week, is all about product.

lesson 1, mixing UX, product development and data.

when we are evaluating our product, few questions you should ask,

  • what key metrics you looking at ? (screen click rate retention rate vs churn rate)
  • what make you think you need a new release on app version ?
  • any A/B testing you do ?
  • see the google play review of competitors
  • how to gain back churn client
  • how to avoid create a function that people don’t need (example black Friday)
  • how to select audience group ?

and to focus on first time experience, understand what you do in within one minute

also, don’t look at all data ! — first time > bounce rate and retention rate

for UX part, you have to manage expectations of users — focus on the authority of users not direct them.

for exsample, PerceivedValue

Lesson 3 — software development and MVP

  • to eliminate knowledge 落差 > visualize it
  • userstory > to be precise about 使用者情況
  • Think big
  • Execute small
  • Definition clear
  • Small sample

hybrid vs native

when use hybrid and when should we should native ?

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