A Letter to So-Called Christians from Jesus

I had the strangest dream and in it Jesus dictated the following letter to me. My dream memory is horrible so I was surprised I remembered it word for word. Here it is.

Dear So-Called Christians,

You can believe whatever you want. Make up any religion you want and believe it. It’s fine. No one is telling you what to believe. But you are not Christians and I know this because I am the anointed one they called Christ.

I was very clear when I was on your Earth. I died so you would remember words like these:

“The greatest of these is love.”
“Let ye who has not sinned cast the first stone.”
“Judge not lest you be judged.”
“What you do to the least of my brothers you do to me.”

You can’t call yourselves Christians if you do not adopt these concepts. It’s not even required that you be good at these things. You are all sinners and I don’t expect perfection from you. All I ask is that you try. Try not to judge others. Try to love your enemies as yourself. You can’t have a doctrine of killing your enemies and yet call yourself a Christian. They are mutually exclusive. I went to and lived with those people who were considered worthless by the righteous. I did this with intent. Were I on your Earth today I would be with those you condemn.

You have no enemies except sin. Sin is present when you judge others, when you hate others and when you deem your cause “good” and the cause of your enemies “evil”. Who would I bomb? No one. Who would I kill or imprison? No one. I was killed by people just like you, people who considered themselves holy. You will not be part of my kingdom in Heaven if you consider yourself worthy and despise those you consider unworthy.

Nothing in my teaching gives you reason to deny love, compassion and understanding to others. Being gay is not “against the Bible”. Being a homophobe is. Having an abortion is not a sin. Withholding your compassion from people who need an abortion is. War is sin. Justice, in many cases, is sin. You embrace sin and call it holy and you see holiness and call it sin. This is the devil’s work.

Going to church does not make you holy. Uttering empty sentences about how you “love Jesus” does not make you worthy. You can only show love for me by showing it to those you consider least worthy of your love. Love ISIS and the Taliban. Love liberals and drug users. Love gang bangers and fraudsters. Do not give your time and money to the Church, I tore down the Church because it is a house of thieves. The Catholic Church is an abomination, as evil as any murderer. All of your versions of Christianity are worthless creations of power-seeking men. None of them embrace the obvious essence of my ministry. They are worse than having no church at all.

Prayer is meant to focus your mind on your imperfections to help you become more humble and more dedicated to the cause of eliminating sin from your being. My Father is not Santa Clause. He will not help you get a job or win a game. He does not listen to your inane mumblings of what you desire. Your mission on Earth is simple — be a source of understanding and compassion to those around you who need it most. That is the only doorway to Heaven.

Now a few suggestions for you.

  1. Throw your Bible away. It is nothing special. You cling to it as a crutch and it makes you feeble-minded. There are a million books that can open your mind a little bit but none of them offer salvation. The Bible is a man-made corruption that has nothing to do with the Word of God. It is not worthless but you make it so. Your brain and your heart are the books you need to open.
  2. Prayer is not an act of holiness. It does not help anyone but yourself. Quit asking for prayers and quit acting like your prayers are of value. They are only as valuable as the actions that follow them. Get off your ass and actually help people. The biggest help you can offer is not sinning against people daily in the pursuit of wealth, power and security.
  3. There is no such thing as a part-time Christian. It’s either all of your being or it is none of it. You sin at work, at play and at home and think that mindless mumblings an hour a week at Church make you a Christian? Not even close. Any act of harm against someone else is an act of harm against me. Even at work. Even in politics.
  4. Belief is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter which God people worship. It doesn’t matter if they worship no God. The words and actions of a person is their religion. Those who love others without judgment are my disciples. Those who offer compassion are my followers. The words and syllables they use don’t matter to me and shouldn’t matter to you.

Because you like lists and are easily misled, this is the core of my teaching:

  1. Be humble. You are nothing.
  2. Love all people.
  3. Do not judge.
  4. Cause no harm.

The greatest of these is love. OK?


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