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I think we’ve reached the roller coaster that has 25 triple double loop de loops. “Umm excuse me operator, I think my seat belt is broken”

Bear with me on the symbolic pandemic coaster.

Some think a seat belt is a form of mental safety, like a comfort blanket.

Some call out cold hard data and give you 6 different data points, if you counter with something they tell you to show them the sources and data.

Some are just doing what they’ve been told and don’t know any better/worse.

Some are just panicked and will keep their eyes closed…

I’ve been in a serious rut lately. The Covid-19 global pandemic has left us all in a similar position.

I’ve been stuck in a world that is surrounded by a wall of worry with the news, panic at my local grocery store, thinking I’m sick every morning, getting sick of the news, moving on to Netflix, burning out on Netflix and moving to consuming Youtube, then once I feel like I’ve been useless I’ll start reading some Medium articles hoping it’s a balance to my [appears to be permanent] couch indentation.

Does that last sentence feel a little long and…

and how the poor will spend theirs.

You know that feeling when you check your bank account nearly every day?

Imagine that you check your accounts the next day and there’s magically more money than there was yesterday. $1,200 more to be exact

Immediately your heart starts beating faster than normal. Your brain goes to high alert as the neurons start firing off, immediately moving to the thousands of possibilities.

The fantasy kicks in — You quitting your job and these new numbers keep growing each and every day. …

Overarching Mantra here is the following: To trade ideas and information in order to make the world a better place.

Intended audience: All ages welcome, but the overarching idea is…

Are you like me and typically not check the mail because you know what surprises tend to come your way?

“Nothing good ever comes in the mail” was the mindset my [now wife] and I had. To compensate we made sure to order everything we could imagine on Amazon.

Her: “Babe did you order another…umm…toilet brush…?”

Me: “…yep! How cool right?”

Her: “why we just got one last week?!?”

Me: “This one is the UPGRADED AMAZON PRIME VERSION THAT HAS BRISTLES IN 14 UNNECESSARY PLACES, oh and it also has really great reviews.”

**incoming aggro couples super rage!!**

The reality…

You know the feeling you get when watching a scary movie? Yeah, I know that you know, it’s the one where the heart rate is bumpin’ harder than normal, you are possibly going to pee your pants and is certainly not a result from drinking too much water. It’s FEAR.

Fear is a good thing.

Fear is a good thing. The sooner we can all admit that fear is a good thing, the sooner we can unlock our better selves.

Fear is what kept our ancestors alive to see another day. Fear is what keeps us from noticing immediate risks and is our primordial senses…

How to handle a controlling person in the work place

Exhibit A — Workplace d-bag

Does this sound familiar? …

You get over-information and over-delegation that is certainly not necessary to the teams goal.

Then you run into a conversation does not fit the scene, only to determine this person is very “Passive Aggressive” but with even further follow through that is down right annoying enough you take it home with you to tell your better half? or even your…PET?!?!

Some might even describe it as…controlling.

Well consider this: The Narcissist is always hunting for that fresh dopamine hit of control. They NEED to feel…

Title: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Stop and read that title back one more time. You hear versions of this all the time but has it really been reflected on and understood?

This is something insanely fruitful for your gardening (get it?), health, cleaning around the house or office, your car, and how about also…your management!

When handling a project at every phase, this will be one of the key stone habits to your success.

Pro-tip: You must always expect that something can/will go wrong. Keep your standards high, and your emotional reactions low.


How to get your team to stop coming up with excuses and start discovering solutions.

The blanket of safety. Great for dogs, not for your team’s responsibilities.

Side note: this is my first ever medium post. Can I just say that this is absolutely this super low friction/easiest thing ever for posting. Really appreciate this a lot! Okay back to the first official medium post from a project managers life.

Does this sound familiar?

“We couldn’t hit feature complete this month because Jane didn’t hit her teams targets”

“Receivables couldn’t collect this weeks progress payment because Jerry did X last week instead of focusing on Y”

“Jessica’s quality of work is no good compared to ours, which is why this has taken longer”

You then wonder why meetings are so heated and NON productive. I’ll provide the solution in the following sentence:

I don’t care whose fault it was, I care that it gets done.

As a project manager, once I discovered this mindset it changed the outlook of every…


John — Current: Options seller.Project Manager of life.Tensorflow | Previous: Electrical Engineer. Project/Product Manager. Sales | Code: Python. C. Java.

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