Significant Health Benefits That Can Be Obtained With A Lingam Massage

Been through a rough day? Or are you having problems with your sexual encounters recently? There might be more to it than appears to be! With the hectic schedule of work and responsibilities piling up on you, there is hardly a moment to sit and relax. This results in a lot of problems accumulating up both on the physical as well as the psychological front. Stress, anxiety and lack of exercise make matters worse in these situations and thus call for the need for a satisfying and utterly rejuvenating massage.

Now, you may have come across many types of massage services in different spas or massage parlours, and even if you are a novice, the chances are ripe that you might have heard about some of them. In this article, let us know more about an unconventional massage technique which has been gaining noticeable popularity in recent times including its origins, techniques and benefits.

What is the Lingam?

The massage technique that we would be talking about in this article is the ‘Lingam Massage’. The term ‘lingam’ is assigned to the male genital organ in Sanskrit. It is considered as the symbol of masculine energy and representative of the divine energy of Lord Shiva according to the Hindus.

In Hindu mythology, the lingam signifies the union of heaven and earth, creation, a sacred character and fertility. Hence in this type of massage, the penis is massaged with techniques other than that of traditional massage methods thereby accounting for numerous benefits to a person.

How does it help?

The massage of the lingam is particularly intended to expand the connection between mind and body beyond the mere satisfaction of sexual pleasure in the genital area. The use of hands in this type of massage is meant for channelling energy throughout your body rather than limiting it solely to the genital areas.

Hot oil is used in this massage which provides escalated levels of body relaxation through relieving the excess of stress accumulated by an individual. For some people, the massage of the lingam can be interpreted as masturbation while it is not actually the case and instead it is completely therapeutic. Now, let us explore some notable benefits which you could obtain from this unique penile massage technique.

Lots to gain

The benefits of regular massage are documented in various sources and are commonly practised in day to day lives of people. But a Tantric Massage Singapore or a massage of the lingam could result in a lot more advantageous outcomes than you thought. The toning of genital muscles by the precise manoeuvring of hands and use of oil during the massage helps in prolonging erection and major benefits in the cases of premature ejaculation.

The tantric massages help in improving confidence about self-exposure and self-esteem in relation to their own body. The increase in confidence is a promising contributor to physical and mental health in the long run. The improvement of blood circulation is another promising outcome that you could avail with the reduction in stress.

The stimulation received in a tantric massage could also help in addressing other health problems such as headaches and migraines thereby making it a favourable alternative. The improvement in self-esteem and sleeping patterns due to massage contributes to a better sex drive as well as the quality of orgasms. This would ante up your spirits to a great extent.