Fool me once, don’t fool me again

Since the late 60s, the advertisement industry in France has entered a new era. Big brands begin to communicate in a feminist tone, using the new media at the time : TV.

Feminist as a mouvement, feminist as a (fake) trend

It was a time when feminist movement vividly participated in every aspect of the society. As a respond, advertisement commercials shown an image of woman like never before : successful, intelligent, taking lead in both her professional life and her family, while there were still a kind of species called husbands or men, who were dumb and lame that they couldn’t even handle their dog ( homme et son chien, IKEA, culturepub).

The age of gender equality has prematurely arrived in the advertising world. And years later, when the once feminist fighters turned into house wives, they found out the truth hidden behind those beautiful lies : the world hasn’t changed that much. 70% of domestic work are still done by women and the salary gap still exists between genders. They feeled betrayed by advertisement.

In this cas, advertisement has shown its incredible ability of producing a trend : an ability to push sales and create brand loyalty rapidly, but also a dangerous weapon, that link advertisement to dishonest propaganda, if people found out that the reality is actually far from the commercials.

Re-gendering, a real trend or a fake one

Nowadays, re-gendering seems to be THE new social mouvement. Trendy urbans, 20–35 male and female, are likely to behave/consume in a way of their opposing gender. Can’t believe that ? Just take a look into the media, what about the push-up bra for man or a blog who give advice for guys who wear bras ? And what about father’s breast feed ?

If feminist mouvement has archived something, then this trend might be the answer. Re-gendering are becoming a real trend in our society : men are buying cosmetic, drinking coca with low calorie, collecting shoes; women are going to body building, purchasing expensive watch and wallet… Heaven for brands !

However, this time, the advertising world is rather caution. If you want to sell coca light to man, you’ve better call it zero. If you want to sell a beauty product to man, you’ve better communicate on performance.

Well, they have a reason to do that. Because what if, several years later, when the society has become female dominated, men are going to blame advertisement for misleading the world ?