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The Nocturnal Broadcast is the HEAVIEST Band in Baton Rouge

Jack Loveless
Oct 17, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m not one to listen to metal or hardcore punk. I’m the kind of guy who would rather put on some Sarah Mclachlan and kick back with a nice glass of chardonnay. There’s not a whole lot of room for anger and rage in my life. It’s just so full of brunch dates at Bistro Byronz and climbing social ladders that I have no real time to indulge in the darker side of music. I once accidently listened to a Lamb of God CD thinking it was a Christian band and cried myself to sleep. It’s been a long time coming for me to get into a heavier band, and I think I finally found it when I saw The Nocturnal Broadcast play live.

As they took the stage I could feel the aggression fill the room. I knew something strange was about to happen when I saw all the light up boxes the guitarist kept pressing with his foot. I remember when I played guitar for a week when I was 17 that you could step on these boxes and make the guitar sound distorted. I could only imagine what all twenty something of these distortion boxes would sound like.

The moment the music started I was blown away by the amount of power coursing through my ears. I could tell everyone else was taken aback as well, as they could only cross their arms and sway back and forth in disbelief. This was my kind of punk rock. No one was bored enough with the music that they had to push each other down and mosh like other punk shows I had been too. Instead, everyone focused on the lyrics and musicianship because you could actually hear what was going on. You may think that playing heavy music means you have to do guitar chugs and use double bass pedals, but sometimes the heaviness can lie in the words and melodies of a song. Heaviness is a feeling, and the feeling I got from the cold, thousand-mile stare of the bass player was heavier than anything Metallica has ever made.

Jack Loveless

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Music and arts blogger for Baton Rouge. I have opinions. Important ones.

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