Beyoncé, Plato, and the Foundations of the Polis
John Richard Ahern

Beyonce is pretty much a follower.Practically everything she has done has been done before.No bass ?PRINCE did it first.Twice. When Doves Cry and KISS.She knew nothing about music except singing and dancing to it,until PRINCE encouraged her to learn an instrument.Happily ,she took his advice and is doing very well with piano.She may be involved somewhat in her music up to a point,but there is only so much she could have done with limited knowledge.I think she may be able to have more input now that she has taken PRINCE’S advice.Here is a man who writes ,arranges ,plays the instruments and produces ,records and produces his music.She would do well to do as he did.

This a man who’s music ought to be studied as well.He was a pioneer in music.Though ,i know there are schools and colleges doing this .

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