Well you pulled it off! Beyoncé and Plato! You did it! God job! I thought it was a stretch.
Amber Lisa

Have you by any chance studied Egyptology?Much of what she is portraying goes back to Egypt and the true power and divinity of the black people ,the black female in particular.She has come into the true knowledge which has been stolen and hidden from us.She wants females to awaken to the goddess and queen within.Many celebs come into real knowledge that has been hidden away from the masses.I have yet to discover exactly why this is so.I have a few theories though.

As for the backmasking,yes it is done .More than you know.I remember growing up and hearing that PRINCE had done it,but didn’t know exactly what he said.Now i am aware of it .You can hear it quite clearly.If ait can an artist pbackmasks his music ,it can clearly be heard.

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