The Treasure Chest Awaits

Throughout the course, we’ve found many new learning moments. From what started as a foreign language that was cold and complex, we’ve finally progressed to see it for the warm, rich, and loving language that is Ruby. I remember day 8, or day 1 of Ruby, like it was yesterday. I cried that day, actual tears. For the first time in years, no matter how hard or long I thought on the task at hand, nothing seemed right. Fast forward a few weeks, and I look forward to each new challenge. The pain of learning is well complimented with the euphoria of understanding. I’m still confused in many areas when it comes to initiating projects, though I understand the semantics throughout the process now. This understanding is driven by an emphasis in fundamentals. My ability to dive into higher abstractions of the language and computer science is derived from this base. The one worry I shared when going through this experience was not being able to learn and comprehend the fundamentals. With increased focus on why things work the way they do; I can now read and understand commands being executed. I can break down current projects and describe how they work. This seemed impossible only a month ago. This entire process has given us a few gems for our treasure chest, I’m attempting coding humor please laugh, and ActiveRecord feels like opening the treasure chest and finally striking gold. It’s love for the developer is a beautiful creation, and I’m excited to understand each piece of how it works so I can one day find all the treasures that exist within Ruby.

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