Highly Developed PT6 Engines

A supportive and developed PT 6 Engines with a variety of models and serviceable parts. It is one of the highest quality with the greater specifications. It deals with highly specialist in dealing with maintenance, repair and overall motor series. This mechanism empowering the new technology, which works on customer Specifications. It creates a history with over the 50 years by adding advanced features every year which is linked as below.

The First PT 6 generator was delivered in 1963, It has services to 180 countries or more than under the 7000 operators. Today’s Turbine is more efficient with more dynamic design and cooling with the older power source. It is available in more than 70 models with advance features, capability and applications.

In 1967 the Pier was adjoined with the motor with a lot of efforts to get light aircraft. In 1970 the two engines are combined in a single produce medium size twin helicopter In 1973 the second stage power turbine PT6A-41 was designed to increase the instrument’s power and efficiency. All Engines are made up of two parts the first is gas generator which supplies a gas to a power turbine and the other is starter, which is used to accelerate the gas generator make the motor smoother when it starts.

In 1982 PT6A-114A is selected for business jets in Cessna Aircraft Company for all his new and multi tasked missions all over around the world. Integral Bladed Rotor (IBR) is the first technology introduced in 1984 in model no. PT6A-65 for better and superior efficiency.

In May 1991 it became famous in Cargo Transport when it flew from the Pilatus PC-12 for mission, ranging from Airline and Air ambulance service. The PT6A-68/1 is selected to provide more power at a higher temperature and humidity in Embraer EMB-312H Super Tucano trainer. By the years passed there are lots of changes, modification and replacement are done and from the year 2000 to 2003 PT6A-42A, PT6C-67C, PT6A-34 e apparatus are powered. 
In 2010 an Automated tool Computerized Visual Inspection System (CVIS) is introduced which is used in an external assembly. It has Robot and a camera which takes more than 250 photographs and robot is used in any variances are applied in P&WC motors. PT 6 device Includes three dynamos with latest technologies which is called its family like “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”. These are advanced with New Technology in material Large and Medium PT 6 tools are incorporated with 4 stage and 1 stage. The basic essential features are described below. It has high versatility in powering aircraft and flexibility with a variety of applications.

These are Highly Developed equipment with advanced features like PT6A-140 is the latest version of symbolic device.The new Version of PT 6 engine provides better response with variety of applications. PT6 Engines performs multiple task like rescue operations,multiple mission, training for pilots and others task.It reduce the deep output and add a additional power turbine stage. Its power consumption is improved by 50% and in the sense the pressure ratio is reached at14:1.

The development of PT6 Engine is continued for its versatility, consumption and efficiency. There are many advanced versions of the transformer is operated by time and it makes the world’s best turbine generator. Its performance is growing day by day with the specialties add in its features with advanced technology. Every year, billions of tools are delivered with a unique and highly developed qualities. With these latest inventions In PT 6 Engines it is reliable and durable and it gives the best result for their customers.

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