Hillary Will Be Despised As Long As Dems Keep Blaming People For Trump
Caitlin Johnstone

You are clearly insane.
With all the evidence of the clusterfuck that the Fascist and corrupt presidency of Trump is shaping up to be (just like predicted by anyone with half a brain) you still persist in fighting this boogeywoma Clinton.

Of course people are blamed from electing Trump, anyone that voted for him is complicit in the dismantling of a the UsA as a super power and democracy.

The fact that you still apparently believe your own absurd hyperbole about Hillary and refuse to see what people like you have contributed in accomplishing by letting that lunatic get to power is baffling. Have you no shame? Do you not posses any shred of self reflection?

I truly pity you. It’s a shame your words and actions helped create a world that’s objectively unsafer than it was and everyone in the world is paying the price for your pig headed obsession with Clinton.

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