Timothy Tan Plays with Perspective in PERSPECgifs

Young visual artist and film photographer Timothy Tan brings back a technique considered practically obsolete by many not only to give his photography a fresh outlook, but also to help revive interest in it.

Once highly popular, stereoscopy — a technique that gives a flat photograph the illusion of depth (or 3D effect, as one would call it these days) by taking two photographs of the same subject with that subtle difference in the angle from which they were taken, and viewed through a stereoscope — has long taken the backseat to give way to movies and still photographs. That’s not to say that it has completely faded into obscurity, because there still are artists who make use of this technique in producing their works.

Among them is Timothy Tan, the artist behind the fairly new, ongoing projectPERSPECgifs. In creating his images, Tan makes use of lenticular cameras loaded with 35mm film and then animates the photographs on Photoshop.

As of this writing, Tan has made 11 stereoscopic images public through social media. He had to go on a short break not too long ago due to technical difficulties, but with the recent arrival of a number of backup cameras, Tan aims to produce more content by September.

All information in this article was sourced from information provided by Timothy Tan and PERSPECgifs on Tumblr. Additional information on stereoscopy was sourced fromstereoscopy.com and TechTarget. To keep you posted on Tan’s work, make sure to follow PERSPECgifs on Instagram.

Stay tuned for our interview with Timothy Tan!

This article was written by Julien Matabuena. Find more articles like this at www.lomography.com

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