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John Dixon-Scott’s Archive Project

In 1926, John Dixon-Scott started going around his native Britain in search of urban and rural scenes to photograph. His goal was to record something of the country he believed was under the threat of change. By 1946, he had over 14,000 photos ranging from posed portraits to idyllic landscapes.

1 Rugby team, Mill Hill School, London 2 Biology lesson, St Paul’s School, Hammersmith, London 3 Leys School in Cambridge 4 Frome, Somerset 5 Monsal Dale, Derbyshire 6 A Shepherd and his dog, Jevington, Sussex 7 Hop picking, Kent 8 Charlton in the Vale of Evesham 9 The Ferry, Shepperton 10 Happy Valley, Llandudno, North Wales. All photographs, circa 1926–1942. Archivist: The National Archives UK. Image source: Flickr: The Commons.

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