Photographer Chiara Zonca’s landscape photographs look out-of-this-world, capturing seemingly alien sunkissed and sand-blown landscapes. Her horizons are often juxtaposed by the occasional billabong or oases hiding between the sand dunes. Using her medium format camera, Chiara continues to chase these spectacular sights even in the harshest of conditions. Feel the sand between your toes and radiant late-afternoon sun licking your skin with her gorgeous photographs in this interview.

When did you start shooting on film? How does film help you with your aesthetic?

I started exploring with film a couple of years ago, at first, I was drawn to it…

To many, photography is a hobby. To some, it’s a career. But there are others that look at it a different way: Patrick Joust is one of those people. To him, photography is a reflection — a way to see things in a different manner. With it comes understanding and a desire to push beyond his own trepidations and worries. Patrick loves how it can be so liberating, that he can express himself in a matter of frames. We were fortunate enough to get a hold of him for a short but meaningful interview. …

Experimental photographer and filmmaker Edd Carr explores his own take on the creation myth in his thought-provoking short movie A Guide to British Trees. Combining images created using different analogue methods, such as cyanotype and even the LomoKino, he makes a powerful statement about the relationship between human and nature.

Photographer Noah Jashinski aims to capture, not to correct. That’s probably one of our many takeaways in this interview with him. He brings such honesty and intensity to his film shots that you just can’t pass up on the scenes that his lens sees. His work is a visual representation of life in all its strange beauty — complete with imperfections and a dose of untamed reality. Read on to see what keeps him going in his career as one of film photography’s most talented contemporary image makers.

© Noah Jashinski

Hello, Noah. Welcome to the Lomography Online Magazine! …

Many travelers desire to have their own taste of the Great American Roadtrip. For many, it’s like a passageway to becoming a full-fledged traveler. The United States’ rich and variant topography makes the trip worth it, as the experience offers great opportunities to memorialize the scenery in photographs. Such is what Japanese photographer Kazunari Isshiki did, and he’s about to share his travel through an interview, paired with his stunning analogue visuals.

Image by Kazunari Isshiki

“I choose 120 film format as for me it captures the essence of my subjects obediently and accurately. …

Originally from Belgium but currently living and working in London, fashion photographer and videographer Sarah Tahon has collaborated with the likes of Topman x Vision, Flanelle, and F***ing Young magazine. A true editorial talent — with an unwavering adoration for analogue — it was a real treat for us to interview her.

Hi Sarah! Tell us a bit about your photography background. What’s your story?

Thank you for featuring my work in Lomography Magazine. I am 25 years old, I was born in Brussels, and I moved to London six years ago to study film and TV production. I then…

Sometimes, it’s the simple stillness of an image that strikes you. Its quiet hush pulls you in, compelling you to pause and meditate upon a single tincture of time. In these rare moments, you stop what you’re doing and simply — exist. Catalan fashion and landscape photographer, Silvia Conde, is a master of these magical moments. With an eye for delicate, pastel colors and a knowing impulse for new and unusual locations, her work is a stunning testament to timeless tranquility.

Hey Silvia — welcome to the Lomography Magazine. Can you tell us a bit about your photography background?


Oakland-based photographer Justin Nambiar is often in pursuit of beauty unseen. Unlike other photographers, Justin likes to create an illusion of presence in which the audience would somehow feel being pulled back into an older time where bright neons and milky pastels are found in everyday lives. Through his 4x5 camera, he looks for the finer details that we normally overlook.

Here’s our interview with Justin.

Hi Justin!, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Firstly, what got you into working with film photography?

Thanks so much for having me on here! I started in videography filming skateboarding and weddings and putting together…

From Rita Ora to Rosie Matheson, London-based filmmaker and photographer Kaj Jefferies has collaborated with an impressive list of brands and artists to create stunning analogue imagery. Shot entirely on film, her videos are beautifully raw and honest. We chatted to Kaj to find out more about shooting on super 8 film, navigating creative collaboration, and what moves her to tell people’s stories.

Hello Kaj, and welcome back to the Lomography Magazine! Last time you were here, you were snapping shots with the Lomo’Instant Wide. What have you been up to since then?

Pretty much non-stop work! But I’m in…

There’s an unmatched quality to the analogue medium, and such is the case for photographer Patricia Morosan. A loyal user of black and white film, Patricia’s “Sun Stands Still” series explores her home country through monochromatic pictorialism that seems to come from a dream sequence. Her intimate chance encounters of creatures, places, and people are sure to take your breath away.

Here’s our interview with Patricia.

Return by Patricia Morosan

“Film photography… it’s a process and carries in it the potential of a secret! …


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