Lomostar on the Horizon

Lomostar has been growing and gaining attention as both a great virtual currency and a brilliant social platform for the global crypto community. As it rises in popularity, the project is being constantly compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum and a couple of other stellar technologies. Anyone interested in the current technology revolution should read this article and understand the complex differences between Lomostar, its environment and other Blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin.

You should know about BITCOIN. Back in 2008 when it was born, bitcoin ($BTC) was the first virtual currency. At that time, it was a ground breaking idea brought forth in a white paper by the then (and still) unknown Satoshi Nakamoto. A currency with no physical properties! Something that would offer the world a new way to conduct transactions and that no governing authority would control. Completely decentralised, managed through a community ledger with public and private keys.

As more people became enthusiastic about the project, the community grew. It began to garner the attention of designers, coders, programmers, and the general public. Surprisingly; regulators and governments began to accept the concept of a virtual currency. A decade later and despite controversy and violent swings in valuation; bitcoin manages just fine as a way of making payments and as part of the global finance system.

Aside from its issues and limitations, Bitcoin has helped. The biggest gift it gave the world was awareness of the benefits of blockchain technologies. It also accelerated the development & improvement of blockchain tech and the migration of massive amounts intellectual capital towards the industry.

With lower transaction fees and crystal clear transparency a typical blockchain is a public ledger of all transactions in a given system that has ever been executed. As long as transactions take place, the linear and chronological system grows, recording events and transactions through cryptography, ensuring that the environment remains beyond the control of manipulators. Result: a secure, accessible, efficient and low risk medium for conducting and tracking transactions.

Enter Lomostar! ($LMC)

Blockchain technology is being used to create projects and applications beyond just a digital currency. This new cutting edge technology often expands upon, recreates or even eclipses anything that bitcoin was intended to do. Enabling SmartContracts and Distributed Applications, to creating a decentralized high performance computing network project, there are limitless theatres for this new technology to operate in. Lomostar is not just a virtual coin, it’s a global community of crypto technology insiders, supporters and contributors. The ecosystem created by Lomostar is immense and limitless.

What is Lomostar? = It is a crypto currency, it is a platform, it is a social network it is the bleeding edge generation of how airdrops, trading and digital commerce can take place. Lomostar is available to purchase and trade on Xstar.io and within the app.

The evolution of Lomostar is just getting started. The great things being achieved through this ecosystem are amazing, the places that this platform will evolve to are incredible. Not only does Lomostar (LMC) have a fantastic and dedicated team of veteran programmers, designers, marketing managers and brand ambassadors. There are also constant collaborations and partnerships being formed and new horizons being discovered. Bitcoin is a digital currency and it actually wants only bitcoin to be bitcoin. Lomostar is lightyears ahead of such inertia and stale thinking. $LMC and the app not only grows within itself, but encourages other projects, tokens and blockchains to ride on top of the platform and find their own success.

If you are thinking about investing in Blockchain technology, you need to buy LMC. If you want to be a part of a great ecosystem and social platform, you need to download the Lomostar app for Android or IOS (www.Lomostar.com). Most of all, if you believe in being part of the new generation of blockchain 2.0 technologies, receive free airdrops and support the development of new ideas on a global scale. Then let me say welcome to Lomostar! We have already begun.