The Trump Administration is Succeeding
Miko Matsumura

Mustn’t we also need to look at the past Neocon alliance of the Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton regime as having already taken these measures and having been well on its way after the Reichtag burning of Twin Towers and Building 7 to doing just the coup that you envision Trum is doing? Then that makes Trump a counter-evolutionary, being much more sophisticated and also being the savior of theRepublic asheand his minions also claim? How can we be sure of anything and how can we let the Hillary/Victoria Nuland/Wasserman-Schultz phenomenon slide by without being held accountable? Lets be healthy skeptics and turn all tables, please, to seek some semblance of balance in these times of gross confusion and uncertainty. Could things be worse than they were under Obama Clinton in the realmof foreign policy and deathof Bill of Rights?? Our heroes, Snowden and Assange, advocate such caution. Trump could not possible be worse; that we know! Review the Wikipedia article on PNAC, for example, if you readers need to be reminded ofthe true and operating agenda for the Neocons like Hillary and Obama, the marionettes of Wall St. and Soros and….the Establishment. Trump may be simply anti-establishment outsider and stronger than the last outsider who did not sellout, Jimmy Carter.

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