How To Get Rid Of Sebaceous Cyst With Fast And Effective Surgical Treatments

Skin is one of the largest and complex organs in the human body. As time passes, the upper layer of our skin sheds normally and generate new cells. But at the layer where larger sebaceous glands are present, the epidermis starts growing under the internal layer of the skin and secrete keratin. Keratin is a type of a liquid which is thick and yellowish in color.

Sebaceous cysts are the common and non-cancerous lump of the skin. They form out of your sebaceous gland and produces the oil, which is called sebum that generally coats from your hair and skin. Sebaceous cysts grows very slowly, so these cysts may occur few months or weeks before you notice the cyst. When your cyst starts growing rapidly or becomes swollen and painful, then, it is highly advisable that you should consult your dermatologist and get proper cyst removal treatment, before they are ruptured or infected. Sebaceous cyst treatment is one of the best methods to get rid of sebaceous cysts fast.

Sebaceous cysts can be unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable. These cysts are generally painless and harmless. But some large cysts on the face and neck may cause pressure and pain. Some cysts which are located on your face and neck area are typically filled with the white flake of keratin, which is also a key element that makes up your skin and nails. Most of the cysts are very soft and movable. However, the cysts may become infected, which causes swelling, redness, and pain.

Sebaceous cysts may occur in any part of your body except palms and soles. Because the sebaceous glands are present in all parts of our bodies. The most susceptible areas where cysts may occur are the back, scalp, face, neck, shoulder, and the chest. A good and an experienced dermatologist easily diagnose a sebaceous cyst after a simple physical examination.

Some cysts are unusual, in few cases, your skin doctor may order some additional tests to rule out possible cancer. Here are some common tests that are used to examine the cancerous sebaceous cysts.

1. CT Scans: This test will help your skin doctor to find the best route for surgery and spot abnormalities.

2. Ultrasounds: This test identifies the contents present inside your sebaceous cysts and this test will help your dermatologist to find the best method of surgery.

3. Punch Biopsy: Punch biopsy is a very common test. In this test, your skin doctor takes a small amount of tissue or a piece of skin from the cyst to be examined in a laboratory for signs of cancer and a type of cyst.

Treatment of Sebaceous Cyst by a Dermatologist

Once your cyst is examined properly, your skin doctor will find the best treatment method. A skin doctor can treat a cyst by draining it or by surgically removing it. Normally, cysts are removed by the dermatologist, without performing any test. This is not because they are dangerous, but rather for cosmetic reasons.

Generally, cysts are not harmful to your health, your skin doctor will allow you to choose the treatment options that work best for you. Most of the people pick non-surgical methods to remove the cyst. In that case, it is important to remember that without surgical removal, your cyst will usually come back again in the same area of your body or the other place of your body.

So, surgically cyst removal treatment given by London Dermatology Clinic is one of the best methods to get rid of cyst completely. Here are some surgical cyst removal treatment methods that your skin doctor may use.

1. Wide Excision: This method of treatment will help you to remove your cyst completely from your skin, but sometimes can leave a long scar on your skin.

2. Minimal Excision: This treatment can cause minimal scarring but carries a risk that the cyst will come back after a few years.

3. Laser with Punch Biopsy Excision: During this treatment, your doctor makes a small hole to drain cyst content and the outer walls of the cyst are removed about a month later.