What is an EPC & Why you need EPC in London?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate it is a rating system that is assigned to properties on the basis of their energy consumption in a year.

According to the law in England, land & property owners are required to provide an Energy Performance Certificate before putting up the building for sale, rent or lease.
An energy performance certificate tells how efficient a building is in terms of energy consumption and they are rated on a scale of A to G with A being the most efficient & G being the least efficient.

A building rated A will consume less energy for its operation as compared to the building rated G. An EPC is valid for 10 years hence there is no need to get it done every year, but you must have a valid EPC in London before renting, leasing or selling your property.

An Energy Performance Certificate also carries possible recommendations with the help of which you can reduce the energy consumption of the building.

To get an EPC for your property you can call us at 02037196970.

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