Belated reply to a lovely birthday email

Thanks for birthday wishes. I’m a terrible human being. Well, to be fair, I’m a human being with terrible memory issues. But I still shouldn’t have forgotten. Then again, there was that referendum the day after my birthday and I’ve been so deathly depressed every since. It’s now been more than six weeks, and my depression is not lifting. The only bright side of Brexit is that it may have jolted the Americans into realizing that Trump CAN ACTUALLY WIN!!


I cannot even begin to tell you how upset I am about this, and how disappointed I am. For the first time in seven years I saw a guy on a bicycle hurling abuse at a muslim woman while riding past. Just shocking and disgusting.


Yes. Sproglets. My son is now six, and can hold a conversation which is quite amazing. My daughter is three, and still a destroyer of the earth and everything crushable. She specializes in punishing people, walls, floors, tablets, and anything that can be headbutted. When told to stop, she does bum-butting. Yes, it is possible.

We had a pot of savings set aside for buying another property in UK, and after the referendum (see how I come back to this?) we’re not sure we want to stay in the UK. Economy surely looks bleak. So we thought maybe we should cheer up and move to philippines or Thailand or something similar. Good to hear it is fantastic there. Am a bit scared it gets too hot though.

Again. I’m just too sad. I think I may have to see a GP about Brexit-related depression.

Also — I wonder how you do it- going at one thing for so many years. I seem to have the concentration span of a distracted squirrel.

Let me stop being a depressing wet blanket on email and continue my sulking journey in my office…

From the depressing, not-so-great British isles,

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