A Letter from The Man from Nowhere

“ The Man from nowhere”
Product Manager,
Up&Up Solutions.

Hey! Remember asking me “who are you?” A question that I struggled to answer last night. Well I think now I know who I am, I am a tourist. I understand your urge to tear this letter apart but let me first apologize for my behavior last night. It is said that we can’t deal with something that we don’t completely understand. And you were there questioning the cause of my very own being. So, hope we can bury all that in the past. Following up to your next question “what’s next?” — how does it matter. It doesn’t matter as long as the journey is fun. And someday when the journey isn’t fun anymore I will change my course of sail and at times my destination too. As a tourist I can assure you it isn’t the destination that matters but it’s the journey that has everything we got to do with. In my journeys I covered being a son, a student, an engineer, a dropout, an escape artist, a boyfriend, and then an ex boyfriend too, a cook, an employee at corporate, a designer, a tourist, a writer, a husband and what not. I neither held a job for long nor settled in a place. Oh boy! Listing all these, I feel like a little unstable bird with restless wings busy taking me to places, wandering in the lost woods enjoying all the way. To sum it all up, “who are you?, what’s next?” aren’t the questions that are to be worried about as long as you know you are on the path to taste stars. Every second spent not wondering, not appreciating is time spent in vain. There are many product managers and many more are going to be with time, but there is only one “YOU” a unique “YOU” don’t let him die as one of those many product managers.

Fuck the rules! Break the stereotypes! Leave a mark behind while you leave.

Just in case, you can find me in the best coffee houses around.