What will you do if you lose your motivation and ideas to write?

What will you do if you lose your motivation and ideas to write?

I read a lot of articles on this Medium that tell the struggle and how difficult it is to write good writing and how to struggle to earn money from writing

And to be honest, I’m also in that heavy phase right now

because until now I don’t know or haven’t found the right way to start

When I want to start writing, suddenly don’t know where to start

even sometimes I feel stuck and completely blank

But I’m grateful to be among you because even though I’m desperate but I decided to keep reading your writings and follow you

from your writing I got an idea and motivation, so tonight I have an idea although simple but I hope useful to help me start my writing

I read every article from you that motivates me personally in different ways

so tonight I’m trying to get back to writing

I am looking for some resources on how to deal with feeling tired and when you lose motivation

There are 5 tips that I want to share here, who knows maybe there are new writers like me, who are facing the same problem

1. Read every article on Medium every day

keep reading every article on this Medium every day because there are many good writings, they build confidence and give writing ideas, then follow every writer you like and try to comment so that interaction occurs and of course, this interaction makes us not lonely and alone

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

I think this is the most important thing where we don’t compare ourselves with others

like myself as a beginner, of course, I will not be able to compare myself with writers on Medium who are experienced and have many hours in the field of writing

it’s the same as expecting an amateur fighter vs Jon Jones to fight in the Octagon ha ha

3. Appreciate every action we take

We must appreciate the actions we have taken even if they are small and even seem stupid but at least we have tried

everything starts from small steps and full of mistakes

and from those mistakes we learn to be better and more expert in our field

4. keep trying and learning

I challenge myself to keep pursuing my dream as a writer and earn money from my writing

I know it’s not easy even really hard but I’ve decided, so I won’t back down and keep trying to make my dream come true

5. relaxed but consistent

I got this relaxed but consistent idea from an article I read on Medium

I agree, and i think, it is not necessary to be consistent every day to write 2 articles because it will make us tired and even frustrate us.

So I think being consistent here is to keep writing maybe as a first step you can write 2 or 3 articles a week

and automatically when you are more motivated of course you will become more productive by yourself

In the end, all decisions are in our hands but nevertheless, we must realize, that in this life nothing is easy

All I try to do is motivate myself, learn to be disciplined, and try my best in pursuing my dreams



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Heri Supriyanto

Heri Supriyanto

I write about traveling especially Indonesian tourism, I am a blogger, traveler, and digital marketing enthusiast, I like personal-development and sex