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It’s called a “different kind of night on the town” where you “sweat and drink … a whole lotta water” and I love the concept. I was fortunate enough to attend a Girls Night Out event at the Houston New Balance store recently. Renee Rivellini, a Houston group fitness instructor, led the event which consisted of three stations: push-ups, overhead sit-up throws, and planking. The format was a sort of contest, and yours truly took first place in planking with a five minute plank. Woo hoo! There were snacks aplenty and wine a-flowing and lots of good conversation. I met one fun woman who was at the beginning of her fitness journey. We happened to start a conversation and enjoyed each other’s company quite a bit. We exchanged stories and she revealed that fitness intimidates her. I know exactly how she feels. I, too, am intimidated by fitness, even though I have put in a lot of time on the streets running, in the studio practicing yoga, in the pool swimming laps, and in the gym lifting weights. She seemed surprised that I was intimidated too. I told her that over time I have begun to feel more comfortable, but that no one starts out a workout regimen without struggle and that it remains a constant struggle to stick with a program. After all, isn’t it human nature to want to exert the least amount of effort but still make great gains? Don’t we always naturally gravitate towards the shortcuts in life? I told her that I practice planking regularly and that if she did the same, she too would hold a plank for five minutes. I also told her that each week when I sign in at the gym and make the walk towards the weight machines, I feel intimidated. …


Dendy Farrar

Wife, mother, librarian, runner. Instagram: @densfarrar

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