I hate smart kids
Tom Mitchell

…exceptional events happening to unexceptional characters.

I reckon that will be the one I write with Paul and Shirley (working names, they might yet change at the touch of a Search/Replace). They are characters in my first, unfinished novel, and they’ll turn up in one of their own later one. I have the whole series planned out. Sort of. At least, I know which countries they all end up in after leaving Barcelona in a hurry. Well, I know which countries I want to live in for three months doing the research. And they seem the most likely to have kids. And they’re not super bright. I mean, Paul (if that’s what he’s called by then, I’m thinking of changing his name to George, after Saint George, not ‘cos I have a thing about The Beatles), well he does crosswords and stuff. And I enjoyed writing that sentence in the novel where all the words have six letters and the third letter is always Z. But yeah, their kids will be like normal. But maybe I can throw a Martian or something. Martians seem to be the new Vampire/Zombies.