Week 2

For this week I thought I’d draw on our reflection essay #4 and write about what my strengths are and how I think they will affect my college experience here at the U. My top five strengths were adaptability, restorative, futuristic, empathy and positivity. When I first saw these themes, adaptability, empathy, and positivity all resonated with me right away. I could definitely see these strengths within myself. The other two, restorative and futuristic, I wasn’t so sure about. However, after reaching out out to my sister I could see how these themes were reflected in me. She provided examples about how I will sometimes talk about future goals and will become very excited and she can tell that I am very excited about what my future holds. She also noted that I am able to solve problems very well and that brings out the restorative theme in me. The adaptability theme will help me at school because I am able to quickly adhere to new situations. I thrive on all types of change, whether it’s trying out new technology or gaining different experiences, I am definitely open to trying new things. The futuristic theme can help me discover my own path here at the U because I don’t see the future as a “fixed” destination, but rather as something that I can created based on my own needs and desires. I can cope with my problems in ways that are effective which will be an affective restorative tool when it comes to dealing with school related stress. Being able to remain positive under a given situation will help me at school because if I’m feeling down or stressed out I can always think optimistically about something. The empathy theme will help me relate to others at the U by being able to talk to someone and putting myself in their shoes and trying to relate to how they feel.

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