Getting my life back

I feel as if I have life back again! I recently returned to work and am feeling very motivated as I begin another academic year. I feel supported by my colleagues and am blessed that my job was kept safe for me!

Last weekend, my siblings and I spent several hours cleaning out our childhood home. We spent much time stuffing garbage backs and throwing junk away while, of course, reminiscing about our childhood, our parents, and some special keepsakes that were discovered… from report cards to an old rotary phone!

Needless to say, after several hours of cleaning during the hot summer month of July, I was a sweaty mess! After some time, I decided to take a trip to donate a piece of clothing that no longer fits me. I admit that I was sick at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016. I was at a size that wasn’t healthy: physically and mentally. If you can recall, I was a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding on December 26, 2015. (yes… yes… he got married in December… in Buffalo, but the weather was actually great!) In any case, being in treatment has allowed me to understand how sick I was at the time. (It also has made me realize how lucky I was- and am- to be alive). So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I NEVER WANT TO BE THAT SICK AGAIN. I do not want to be at that size!

So, after a few hours of cleaning, I drove to Colvin Cleaners and donated my bridesmaid dress to their“gowns for prom” initiative. I’m sure there is a high school student, prom-determined, who will look absolutely stunning and healthy in the dress. For now, I will be at peace knowing that some young woman will benefit from a beautiful gown while I benefit from gaining my life back.

remember I told you I was a sweaty mess? I wasn’t kidding! I had the cashier take my photograph for the blog.
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