Weekend Struggles and Successes

So far this weekend I have had some struggles but they have been much outweighed by successes.

This weekend I was responsible for planning and making my own meals. FOr the past few weekends, I’ve had my meals packed for me. So as you can imagine it’s been a lot of work. However day 1 is almost over and I’m feeling confident. I even managed to do a snack challenge today and was thrilled to do this in the presence of my brother Denny.

Earlier this week, I posted a story about numbers- and how scary counting (A SHIT TON) of calories is! Today was a struggle with that, coupled with negative body image thoughts. I keep reminding myself that recovery is worth it and there are motivators pushing me towards a healthy life.

So, struggles aside, let me share with you good things from my weekend. Last night, I volunteered at the Mt. Mercy Academy 5k run; proceeds benefit the school. Way back when, I registered to run the race but exercise has not been approved for me yet. I loved my time at Mt. Mercy. The Sisters of Mercy have provided me with much guidance during my life, including praying and supporting me during these past few months. So, not being able to run didn’t stop me from participating in the 5k. I volunteered at the post-party. It was a beautiful June night spent outdoors.

What was so special to me about being able to volunteer was seeing my good friends, Jess and Caitlin. They both ran the race and I have not seen them since I was in Mercy Hospital in March. Seeing them, hugging them, and sharing good conversation and laughter is just what I need. Their friendship motivates me to remain positive throughout my recovery journey.

Finally, there is a new me. My body has not only physically changed- changes that, over time, I will- and hope to- learn to accept. My mind has changed. I am optimistic about my future.

I can also thank my good friend, Patrick, for a new me. Today, Patrick tinted my hair at his salon in Williamsville, NY and he arranged for my make-up to be done. I felt, and still feel, like a million bucks! Patrick, like many of my other friends, has motivated me to grab life by its horns.

I am human. I will struggle but I am grateful for successes and blessings.