Why are they going for a long board riding?

In this world of competition, all the people are concentrating themselves to show up them unique. Long board riding is one of them to prove that they are having something special to attract. People use this riding as the reason of hobby, at the same time they need to face some critical situation because of its dangerous play.

As you are playing with moving parts such as long board riding you need to aware of good protection like choosing the durable and strong long board and keep protected tools with you, like a helmet and a leather suit. If you are not protecting yourself well as a beginner, you will get a severe hurt.

Here some tips are given below for the beginners to make a protected skate.

How to begin?

It is easy to start and go just like, get on the board. It doesn’t need some specific weather condition, just go out when you have an interest to skate.

As being a beginner, it is necessary to have sufficient control skills. You need to known well about the speed control to compete others like an expert.

Most importantly the feeling of “falling” mode should be avoided. When you have that feel, you won’t get professionalism at long board riding.

What is preferable to wear at long boarding?

For the beginners, some costumes are suggestible to wear at long boarding for each season. Jeans, jacket, shirt, socks and combat boots are advisable at winder season.

Shorts, low socks, and canvas shoes are preferable at summer season. Instead of wearing T-shirt wearing open shirt is advisable on hot days.

How do you hold the board correctly by your feet? :

Before go for a board fixing, it is necessary to buy a long board wider than its length. It is advisable to stand at perpendicular to the board. Buy a board which is apt to your shoe size. Buy 0.625 inches dropped riding the platform to make a cool riding on your feet. to Choose suitable long board connect with this link best long boards

How often you need to ride? :

1. It is a better way than to have a chatting on a foot ride.

2. You can save the money, instead of doing drive can go for a long board riding.

3. You are going to save the planet from pollution which causes by the vehicles.

freestyle riding

4. While boarding, you’ll feel stylish.

5. It is flexible in carrying two people on a single board.

6. You can go at boarding along with your kids on the ride.

7. It is easy to carry with you, unlike vehicles.

What are the types of styles in long boards specifically for the beginners?

Some quality and features are there in selecting the long board before buying it. Specifically for variant styles of skating, the long boards are used so far. The thing that the beginners are looking for a long board before buying it is about the durability and its long lasting capacity. Some styles with specified boards are there in the market.

• For the technical moves on the board, the carving boards are used for all beginners. It is flexible in having a curve and tight turn.

• At the larger hill areas, the downhill long boards are often preferable, and it also considers as an advance board. It gives the preserved speed on the board. It gives exhilarating experience while riding.

• If the users want to make stylish tricks on the board, then you can go on the free ride long boards. It works with multiple tricks on various speeds.

• The freestyle boards are allowed some stylish tricks like popping the board up off the ground and forcing; doing multiple flips and spins while in the air.

• Finally, the cruising long boards are used to make good transportation, It Designed to have general purposes and please way to ride.


In this content, I’ve explained about the various tips and styles used to have a fun ride on long board especially for beginners.

For more tricks about long board riding you can check it out at YouTube video.

Hope It’ll guide you beginners!

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