How to Recover WhatsApp Messages from Android

Most people look for ways to save money in everything. They would prefer smart phone applications that allow them to send text messages and photos, chat or call for free. The free services have attracted many users and people are now using Whatsapp to communicate with their friends, relatives, and acquaintances. They can now chat, send text messages, or make calls without worrying about mounting bills.

Because of its rising popularity, people are now using Whatsapp to send important text messages such as tracking number for packages and cash sent. Vital information that is needed right away is usually sent through text message because of the speed by which it reaches the recipient. Messages may contain banking information and other data that you must store or future reference. If you are that kind of person who does not have the habit of creating backup for whatever items are stored in his mobile device, you may find yourself in a predicament if ever you accidentally lose your Whatsapp messages.

No matter how careful you are with your smart phone, there comes a time when something happens that results to deletion of your messages. One common cause is allowing your small children or siblings to play with the device. They hit buttons at random and they can accidentally hit the delete button in your mobile phone. There are times when you are in a great hurry or when you are distracted, causing you to accidentally hit the delete button after reading a message. If you have critical files unintentionally removed, do not panic because lost Whatsapp messages are now easy to recover. What is important is for you to stop receiving messages first so that those that you lost will not be overwritten.

To recover lost Whatsapp message from android, you need to download and install the Android Data Recovery tool for your Android phone or the iOS Data Recovery for your iPhone. This software has been known to be of help in retrieving data that you lose such as your Whatsapp messages. After you have installed this powerful tool, connect your smart phone to the computer using the USB cable. Debug the USB first. After this has been done, the computer will show your device. Select the file or content that you want to recover and click the button labeled “Recover”. The file you lost will be shown. You can retrieve the file and store it to your device. However, to keep yourself protected from data loss, creating backup is the best step that you can take.

This data recovery tool can be used with all types of Android phones to recover contact list, text messages, call list, photos, music, and videos. Just follow the steps ad you will be able to recover your lost data in no time at all. You can get a free version for trial; however, the features may be limited. For best results, you can purchase the full version at the most affordable price. Surely, the benefits of using this software make it a must-have for Whatsapp users.

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