We’re Launching the Summer Fellows Program at The Longevity Fund

The Longevity Fund
Mar 1 · 3 min read

Venture Fellow | June — August 2019 | San Francisco

Apply here!

Who we are

The Longevity Fund is a San Francisco-based biotechnology venture capital fund. We invest in and build companies which have the potential to extend the healthy human lifespan. The Longevity Fund closed Fund II in 2017 and launched AGE1, a biotechnology accelerator, in 2018.

We started The Longevity Fund to invest in science to prevent or reverse aging. Our Longevity Fellows program seeks to identify young scientists capable of generating aging’s Apollo or Atari moment: singular accomplishments that made some of humanity’s oldest dreams seem approachable and achievable.

To date, we have raised $37 million, we have been involved in bringing the new science to the market. With our first IPO Unity Biotechnologies, our companies are worth in aggregate of $1.5 billion, with over $500 million raised across them. Four of the five companies in our first portfolio have drugs in patients or healthy volunteers, which will read out in clinical efficacy within the next two years. These represent the first candidate drugs with the explicit possibility of extending healthy lifespan.

Venture Fellows program

As a Venture Fellow at The Longevity Fund, you will conceptualize, build, and launch biotech companies at the cusp of longevity science. You will work in a team of 2–3 peers, collaboratively panning the relevant literature to propose and support your thesis.

You will be responsible for identifying promising and potentially transformational science and devising a strategy to quickly and, cheaply, and effectively determine its translational viability. You will develop a broad understanding of the landscape, with deep dives into the biology around a few select targets and strategies. You will consider opportunities and risks from the basic biology to the competitive landscape and clinical trial design. This role reports directly to the Managing Partner of the Fund.

This is not a full-time investing role and best suited for someone who is looking to take their technical knowledge and skills from their PhD into biotechnology company development.

What you’ll achieve

  • Investment thesis around a new asset, pathway, or technology
  • Design key experiments to validate your thesis
  • Build the story and strategy around the thesis in the context of the larger biopharma space

About you

  • You are technically excellent in at least one scientific field. Diverse backgrounds (bioengineering, physics, math etc) encouraged.
  • Capable of world-class translational work. You are excited to ensure that science breakthroughs actually touch real patients.
  • You are excited to work with interdisciplinary scientists and engineers from machine learning, biology, chemistry and physics and ready to bridge the communication barriers between disciplines.

Preferred qualifications

  • You have achieved at least one difficult and technically impressive thing to date (this could be embodied in a PhD thesis, but we’re more interested in the quality and execution of the project than in the letters behind your name)
  • Evidence of high output, for example by contributions to an open-source project, publications, insightful blogs or similar
  • Leadership, in or outside of your studies


  • Independently motivated, self-accountable, passionate about self-growth, and unparalleled intellectual rigour and honesty
  • Some preference to an understanding of the biotechnology space and drug development strategy. In lieu of this, commitment to learn
  • Some preference to previous interest in longevity science
  • Strong record of personal and professional achievement and work ethic, commiserate with your previous experience
  • Entrepreneurial and excited by the opportunities available in a young company; the right fit will thrive in an amorphous, opportunistic, high-freedom environment
  • Confident and compelling communicator
  • Highly organized and able to manage multiple tracks simultaneously

If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat — apply here or drop us a line at fellows@longevity.vc

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