20-Question Wonderlic Test

This really can be really a 20-question sample Wonderlic Test Quiz that provides questions much like that of the true test. Your period will begin the moment the following page loads. Great luck!

What’s the Wonderlic?

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is most frequently employed by companies and schools seeking to judge the relative wisdom of applicants. The test includes 20 questions to be answered at 12 minutes. Historically the evaluation has been just accessible printing form but is now available online.

This website along with the sample evaluation on this particular page was made to mimic the kinds of questions introduced on the authentic Wonderlic to aid applicants exercise for taking the exam.

Exterior of being utilized at universities and from many companies, the evaluation is also famed because of its usage by the National Football League as a portion of its participant evaluation procedure in the NFL combine.

Although it’s just one of several sorts of testing, every year several scores wind up being leaked into the media and generally generate a lot of press in the sport media.

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What’s a Wonderlic Score?

The Wonderlic test rating is calculated quite easily. Therefore, when 26 queries have been answered properly, the test taker could get a score of 26 out of 50.


20 correct answers from 50 at the stipulated period of 12 minutes would be the average score to your Wonerlic test. Even though”good” is a subjective word, to be over average one might need to evaluate a 21 or higher on the exam.

Though the Wonderlic test isn’t an IQ test, its results could be charted likewise to ordinary IQ tests such as the Stanford-Binet or even Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

Wonderlic results could be performed in a bell curve, with all the lowest and highest scores representing the lowest and highest percentiles, together using the center representing the vast majority of scores.

A rating of 16 or under represents about the lowest 25th percentile, a rating between 17 and 26 signifies about the center 50th percentile along with a score of 27 or greater signifies the upper 25th percentile, using a score of 40 or greater representing the top 1 percent.


This website isn’t connected in any manner with Wonderlic, Inc. the official supplier of the Wonderlic test. Our sample quizzes are only designed to supply a similar expertise and evaluation situation.

The scores you get on our clinic tests might not correctly reflect the rating you are going to receive on the actual test.

Nevertheless, we do believe this is very excellent exercise for your Wonderlic test if you are taking it for task prep, college, or simply to evaluate your Wonderlic score to renowned athletes.

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