Advantages of Pine Straw in your landscaping: It offers the ideal level of level of acidity for your plants to absorb optimum soil nutrients It does not float and clean away and breaks down more gradually, so it doesn’t have to be reapplied as often as other mulches It is simpler to handle and lighter per cubic foot than other mulches: one large bale can cover as much location as 30 cubic feet of most mulches the cost per square foot is competitive with other mulches It breathes much better, doesn’t compact, and enables better water seepage It is simple to use: simply unroll the bales and scatter by hand It doesn’t bring in termites It adds organic product and nutrients to soil and reduces weeds The consistent color and great texture of pine straw highlights the color, contrast, and texture of your landscape You can utilize it for disintegration control where yard will not grow to hold soil, even on hillsides and paths


How Can I Put The Old Pine Straws Away?
 I Really Want To Burn Them At My Shady Yard, But I Can’T. Because I Live Nearest The Neighbors (About Below 75 Yds) And Have A Lot Of Trees In My Yard.

Rake them up, put them in lawn/leaf garbage bags and set them out with your garbage.


Someone Who Has An Outside Dog Please Answer.?
 I Have A 4 Month Old Lab/Shepard Mix. She Stays Outside. She Has A Pin That Is Filled With Wood Chips For Keeping Her Warm. The Woodchips Are Also In Her Dog House To Keep Her Ward. Her Dog House Sits On Blocks So It Doesn’T Touch The Ground. She Is Very Furry. In The Past When It Has Gotten Down Into The 20S Outside She Has Been Fine. However It Is Suppose To Get Down To 18 Tonight. Should I Bring Her In?

No you don't have too

 I've only had outside dogs my whole life and it's got down to 17 degrees where I live. It's a good idea to put a couple blankets and pine straw in there with your dog or a light bulb.

What Is Mulch And How Do You Make It?

Mulch is organic material that you use in your garden or landscaping to help prevent weeds and retain soil moister. You can rake up leaves or pine needles and use that. A lot of times you can get free mulch from your city. When the city workers trim trees away from roads and power lines they put them through a wood chipper and are more than happy for you to take all you want to use in your garden. Usually the mulch I get from the city is really chunky, so I use it in my garden in the walkways rather than around the plants. If you live in a rural area you can ask local ranchers for old hay or straw. Sometimes hay gets wet or is old, and is no longer acceptable to use as livestock feed. It does the ranchers a favor to take it off their hands. Just check around and you will find endless supplies of mulch.

What Will Help To Keep The Ammonia Smell Of Rabbit And Chicken Waste From Getting So Overwhelming?
 I Have A Cabbin Which I Keep Rabbits And Chickens Together In The Winter. We Spread The Entire Floor With Straw, And They Run Free. I Stack Straw On Top Everytime That It Starts To Get Strong Smelling, Because I Want The Waste To Begin To Compost And Help To Keep The Space Warm (I Live In Alaska). I Hope To Use This Compost In The Soil Next Year, So I Dont Want To Add Anything To The Mixture That I Cannot Safely Add To The Garden. Is There Anything That I Can Add To Keep The Smell From Being So Strong So Quickly. I Know That It Is Not Good For Them To Breath That, As Well As It Is Not Pleasent To Do The Chores In The Room When It Smells So Bad. Thank You

You can add lime. It is not good for all of your crops however. Lime “sweetens” the soil, and some crops like acid soils.

 I would spread the lime over the used straw, and then spread the fresh straw over the top of it. That will really help cut down the smell. You need to put fresh straw over it, because the lime would be too hard on the rabbits feet.

 If you could get worms to start colonizing in the litter of your critter cabin it would really help too.

 I live in the high desert mountain area of Idaho. We have really brutal weather here too. Snowing here today. My bunny barn can get pretty rank too. We have worm bins under the rabbit hutches but not in the winter. It gets so cold here, they would freeze solid. I use pine, and cedar shavings under the hutches to help cut down the smell.

 My husband is also going to cut a hole in the roof, and install one of those spinning vent things to help circulate the air (we get a lot of wind here too).

 I too use the same layer composting/heat methods you do. We only clean the barns out for the goats, horses, and rabbits in the spring. The rest of the time it is building up, and generating heat for the animals. Smells something fierce in the spring when you clean out!

 Homesteading/Farming over 20 years

Can Anyone Help My Azalea ?
 I Bought An Azalea Bush This Summer At Home Depot (They’Ve Been No Help !) And I Have Two Questions. (1) What Type Is It ? It Was Not In Bloom When I Bought It But The Leaves Are Pretty. The Are Edged In White All Around The Perimeter. And (2) How Can I Protect It This Winter In Zone 5, Pittsburgh, Pa. Thanks So Much To Anyone Who Can Help.

Azalea are cold-hardy. All you need to do for it right now is to mulch with an acidic mulch — (pine straw or something your garden center recommends.) Don’t prune it until it finishes blooming in June /July.
 Just keep the roots from freezing and it will be fine. Don’t fertilize it until you prune it.

Landscaping Ideas for Above Ground Swimming Pool

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