Why The Apple Watch Sucks

OPINION: Over the past few years, smart watches have been on an all time rise. Pebble reignited the fire behind the neat concept of a smartwatch by bringing useful features to your wrist, Android enabled smart watches have brought some ingenuity to the table, and now it is Apple’s turn to partake in the tech savvy wrist market. I’ll get straight to the point. As a consumer, if I am paying for something, I like to use it to its maximum potential. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch is riddled with useless features as well as some limitations…one of which really shouldn’t occur in 2015. Let’s get started shall we?

Useless Features

1. Sketch

Remember the Nintendo DS attempt at making Pictochat cool? Then it died off fairly quickly? That’s because people realized they could use the Internet to contact those they care about as well as their phones…the same applies to this issue. I think it’s entirely useless that you can send pictures/sketches to other people on your wrist. Especially on such a small screen. Must be a pain if you have gargantuan fingers. But I’m sure some 3rd party developer will create some sort of stylus that you can use on your wrist…

2. Heartbeat

While I am no fitness guru, I cannot imagine how many times you need to know your own heartbeat except for when you take a visit to your doctor’s office. Also, sending your heartbeat to others is…pretty creepy if you ask me. Not necessarily a feature I would be proud to have on my watch. Next.

3. Animated Emojis

While one would probably assume that a large portion of the world are iPhone users, not every iPhone user will buy an Apple Watch. So bringing in a feature such as an “Animated Emoji” which will only work on the watch itself and NOT the iPhone (at least to my knowledge), is pretty silly to me.

4. Answering Phone Calls

Don’t get me wrong, we ALL a thought it was a pretty neat feature at first. But think about it. Apple hasn’t really been too clear as to how loud the speaker actually is. So if you’re in a crowd of people, how effective will it be? I believe a smart watch should definitely notify you when someone is calling (as it could be an important call) but to answer it from your wrist? That will only be so cool until your friends start to ostracize you for talking to your wrist so often.

5. Photos App

…Do I need to even go into this? By the way we’ll talk about Instagram here too. Just because a watch has retina display doesn’t mean you should have access to your pictures on it. Just whip out your phone and go from there. Last I checked, a smart watch wasn’t supposed to replace your phone. Only enhance its experience.


Now we’ll look at the not so great facts about the Apple Watch.

1. Not Waterproof

Some would argue with me at this point but let me clear this up once and for all. While you can shower with this Watch (making it water resistant), you cannot take it for a dip in the pool. Apple its 2015. Why is it not waterproof? This should have been one of the features out the gate. I got to thinking how ironic it was that Apple promoted so much fitness for the Apple Watch yet triathletes as well as swimmers like Michael Phelps can’t even use it. I can see the lines of people now complaining to Apple that their watch broke after a quick swim.

2. Limited Set of Watch Faces

One of the many great things that makes a smart watch better than a standard watch is that you can customize the watch face to your preference which eliminates the need for two watches (one for a special event and one for regular use). However with the Apple Watch, at this time, there are a very limited number of variations one could have. While you can always change the color of the watch face itself (which is in fact pretty cool), you more than likely will pass by someone with the same watch face at some point. Why is this a problem? Because too many smartwatches nowadays have an incredible amount of customizable custom watch faces.

3. Weak 18 Hour Battery Leads to Overnight Charging

This is without a doubt the deadliest blow to the Apple Watch. At the end of the day, a watch is used to tell time. How silly would you feel if you tried to whip out your watch and it needed a recharge? Now that fancy Apple Watch is a silly accessory on your wrist that reminds you that you need to charge it again. Not cool. There are quite a few smartwatches currently in existence that put the Apple Watch’s battery life to shame.

Other Problems/Concerns

1. Touch Screen can potentially lead to cracked Apple Watches

We’ve all seen that guy or girl with a cracked iPhone and we always cringe at the sight of it as if witnessing someone face-planting the ground after a bad skateboard stunt. In fact my friend has been through at least 5 iPhones since I’ve known him and every single one of them was cracked (inlcuding the one he is currently using). These days we cannot afford to not protect our technological devices. So when it comes to our watches it is a valid concern. According to some studies though, Ion X Glass has been tested and proved incredibly durable and resistant of scratches and cracks. We’ll see just how durable that glass really is once its in consumer hands though.

2. Pricey

For a device that can do so much yet achieve so little at the same time, it’s a wonder how this device even STARTS at $349.

Point blank, Apple needs to hit the drawing board again for its 2nd model. Several smart watches are on the market now that can do most of what the Apple Watch can do for a significantly cheaper price. Fortunately, iOS utilizers at the current moment can choose between the Apple Watch or the Pebble Time. And if I were you, I’d bank on the Pebble Time. That article however will be available in the future.