Complete Process of Making Chocolate From Cocoa Beans

We now begin to talk about an important complete process of making chocolate from cocoa beans, a process that rivals the skill of the greatest chef in the world. This production process takes a lot of time and great care. For example, in order to make chocolate bars for personal consumption, it takes 2 to 4 days, or even more time. There are different ways of making factories, but there is a general working procedure applicable everywhere. It is precisely this pattern that makes the chocolate industry different from other industries.

Cocoa beans are carefully stored when they wait to enter the mixing process. The storage area must be isolated from other parts of the building. In this way, sensitive cocoa does not come into contact with strong smells; in contact, they inhale those smells like smells. Up to now, each step has reflected the stringent requirements required to ensure a uniform production of high-quality chocolate.

The first step in making chocolate is to remove cocoa beans. In this step, the cocoa bean goes through an impurity removal machine. This machine removes dried cocoa pulp, pod chips and other foreign objects that have not been removed before.

Cocoa beans are baked in a large roasting machine to obtain the unique aroma of chocolate. The oven lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours, and the temperature is above 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Proper baking is one of the keys to good taste. But the next step is also important. After baking, the cocoa beans cool quickly, and the thin shells that become crisp during baking are removed through a cocoa peeler.

Cocoa bean crumbs containing 53% cocoa butter are then shipped to factories where they are crushed in the cocoa grinding machine. This process produces enough friction heat to liquefy the cocoa butter to form what is commercially known as chocolate pulp.

The liquid is injected into the mold and solidified. The lump produced is a sweet or bitter chocolate. Until now, cocoa powder and chocolate were made exactly the same.

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