More Tips for Securing Your G Suite

G Suite Best Practices

#1. Enforce Multifactor Authentication to Protect from Phishing


#2. Understand and Backup Audit Reports

  • Alerting for Security Critical Events
  • Aggregate reports of data sharing, security settings
  • Near real-time audit logs
  • Login attempts
  • Admin Activity
  • Email
  • SAML
  • Tokens (for 3-legged OAuth logs)
  • Drive activity
  • Calendar activity
  • Google Groups


Make Backups


#3. Manage OAuth For Your Domain


#4. Enable Email Security Features

Stop Spoofing with DMARC, SPF, & DKIM

E-mail Encryption

Limit Exposure to Email Data Leaks

Disable Email Read Receipts
Disable Email Forwarding
Disable Mail Delegation, Emailing Profiles
Disable outbound gateways


#4. Handle a Compromised Account Safely

#5. Be Aware of Which Documents are Shared Publicly and on the Web

Set Sane Default Sharing Settings

#6. Use Team Drive to Compartmentalise Information

#7. Keep Few Super-Admins, but consider at least three

#7. Audit Group Settings

Manage Group Permissions

You can control if group messages should be archived
Whether a group is listed
Restrict who can view and post to a group
Restrict who can view membership and topics

Manage Group Sharing Settings

#8. Disable Contact Sharing

#9. Whitelist Marketplace Apps

#10. Lock Down Google Talk/Hangouts

A Note on Products

Common Security Pitfalls

Two-factor Authentication Must be Enforced to be Effective

Three-Legged OAuth is a Potential Risk for Phishing

Guard Two-Legged OAuth Keys Carefully

Failure to Follow Secure Account Cleanup

Hangouts Leaks Directory Information

Special Thanks for Feedback

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Cofounder at Longterm Security, Inc.

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Alex Radocea

Alex Radocea

Cofounder at Longterm Security, Inc.

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