A brander can’t brand his own business. WTH?

I have a friend who had a job selling stuff. Corporate training or something. I really have no idea on specifics because even though he’s explained it a few times, I still don’t get it. When he explained it, he did it in industry language that he understands. He made the assumption that everyone speaks that language. I call that the ‘inside-out view’.

And that’s the problem we had when we launched DryFins. We were marketing with the ‘inside-out view’. I’ve honed my 30 second pitch down to a simple 10 seconds or so (Do you like the water? Boating, beach or pool? When guys get wet they chafe. Our suit prevents that). Pretty simple and easy to understand. But it seemed everything we were doing didn’t convey that clearly. We assumed everyone understood what we were doing naturally, without us stating it.

So I shifted us to an ‘outside-in view’. Which is how I deal with my clients in media at my other business. I need them to explain backstory to me, so I can understand how to turn that into their branding. Not being on the inside forces them to tell me things clearly, and my story is crafted differently because I am on the outside. I don’t have the assumptions and understanding they do. So the writing becomes about how to describe things to a person that just showed up on the scene for the first time never having heard of anything related to you.

So now we approach things from a customers (outside) point of view — vs our own inside view. It is making a diference. Look at what you’re doing with your pitch, your marketing. Does it make assumptions that your audience knows something they might not? Are you having an inside-out disconnect? It’s worth a review, and something to be mindful in every piece you do.

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