Tomorrow is Friday.

What does the New Year mean to me? The final day of cramming in any medical stuff my family needs before our deducible resets tomorrow. If you need a calendar to motivate you to do something, I feel sorry for you.

Reflect, focus and plan all year round.

If I do allow myself some reflection, I will say that one growth point for me over the last few months is the realization that I no longer refer to myself as a voice actor and audio producer. Now I’m an entrepreneur, who happens to be a voice actor and audio producer. That’s pretty big for a guy who’s done this to make a living over the last 20 years. I’ve let this work define me in a lot of ways.

But I also own an apparel company, where I use a lot of different skills away from broadcasting. Through some help with several mentors, I now see I don’t have to live in one box (voice actor/audio producer). I am made up of many boxes filled with a variety of skills. And depending on what I am working on, I can go to those and pull out the skill set I need for that project. I’ve taken the blinders off. I see opportunity all over the place. And I now see that I have the ability to react to those opportunities like never before.

My hope is that over the next 366 days, you are able to take a bigger view of yourself. Stand above what you think you are and get a wider view of what you can do.


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