You should have a website

Apparently, SoundCloud has enough money to operate only for another 50 days…

This news highlights the importance of having your own website as individuals or as companies if you produce any kind of content instead of only using YouTube, SoundCloud, flickr, Instagram and other third-party platform.

Solely relying on platforms can lead to tragedy. I am thinking of artists who don’t have websites and put their creations on SoundCloud or mixcloud. Some artists do have websites, but they rely on SoundCloud to host their files and simply embed the music. That means their own website will be broken when SoundCloud is gone.

If you want a website, I’m your guy. Perhaps, you don’t need me to build it for you, but all you need is guidance and you have questions that need answers, like my friend Mylene who ended up setting up her website on her own within 24 hours.

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