My Planning Ecosystem Showcase

This a note about my planning ecosystem

  • Event/appointments are integrated in iCloud Calendar. Then I use Apple Calendar across my Mac/iPhone, web (in the case I am using company PC) to check/create event/appointment.
  • My Contact also is put in Apple iCloud to access in every my Devices.
  • I keep track my money using Google Sheet, which I can collaborate with my wife. So we can analyse our family spending habit, making financial forecast.
  • I used to use OneNote to keep track every meeting notes/learning course, then MindNode to summary what I have been learned, also some knowledge I should organize into mind map node for better visualize/summary.
  • My favor project management app is Trello. As I have work/side projects running every year. Trello help me to plan, follow up from beginning to finish the project.
  • I record Journal with Medium both for publish and private.
  • I use Pocket to keep update the reading list, iBook for my e-Reader app on phone/tablet and my Mac computers.
  • I use OneDrive for my cloud drive for almost every file, from working project to reading library, to syns between my Mac, tablet, and phone (just because I have more than 30GB for free).
  • I review and make a yearly plan with Apple Pages, then transfer into Yearly Projects and Goals into my Notebook.

I keep maintain two list is Monthly Page and Daily Page in my Notebook, plus a Yearly Project and Goals Page. This is how I keep my system running:

  • Monthly Tasks: which I list every task (normally from my meeting notes, and project plan), also at the moment task come up i.e. I receive the task from other person, or in the situation I follow up after a meeting, conversation. If the task has due day, I write down in right margin of the page (i.e 13 if the task is due on 13th of that month). If the task don’t have in later this month, I mark it with three letter of the month its should be completed i.e ‘AUG’ for August this year.
One single Monthly Tasks Page with tracker on top
  • I have Daily Page for every single day in a year. First, I list all event/appointments for that day from iCloud Calendar. Second, I go thought the Monthly Task page, pick task has due day, or task I think I should completed in today, then write all of it down in this daily page. I list down tasks from the previous day that I’ve migrated to the following day.
My Daily Page for a single day
  • Every day, right before go to bed, I do this is the final task to prepare for next day. Go thought the list Daily Page of today, mark any task has been done, or need migrate to following day. Flip back to Monthly Page of this month to list down tasks to be completed later in the month in my Monthly Page(with the due date in the margin, of course). The tasks is pull out from my note taking system. Then I make a new Daily Page for tomorrow. And last, I go into my Trello account to update the projects I am working on.
  • In beginning of the day, I priority the Daily list with only 6 major tasks I have to completed with asterisk mark in left margin, include one letter M stand for morning, A for afternoon, and E for Evening.
  • During the day, I capture quick notes in Daily Page, with the # mark if it need to think further and transfer to my Digital Note. For long meeting notes, learning note, working note I key directly in Onenote. I capture the task in Monthly Page (if convenient to key in directly) or mix up in my long note)

The gears list I use

  • A Simple B5 Notebook with 160 page, cheap one. I use 03 piece a year
  • Fine line 0.1 Mitsubishi black + red pens
  • Computer system for digital gear: iMac (at home) + Dell Notebook (at work) + iPad (mainly for reading with Pocket and iBook) + iPhone
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