#Me: Have you’ve been watching the Floyd #Mayweather #ConorMcGregor s*** talking sessions? I guess they are trying to hype this fight up to epic heights. McGregor called Mayweather or one of his boys at a recent press conference ‘a juice head monkey.” While Mayweather came back the next day at a press conference and called McGregor a “punk, f*****, ho!”

#WillieLynch: Lol! #WillieLynchAssociates advises both the “sport” of boxing and the sport of #MixedMartialArts. #DanaWhite is a client of ours and asked if we could develop a marketing plan to make this fight as big as possible. This is all staged, and based on the response from the public this is going better than we thought. People will tune in to this fight from all over the world to see who will knock who the f*** out!. Lol, “the monkey and the fag.” It sounds like the title to an alternative, gay play, but its actually the one liner that make us and our clients millions of dollars.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology #Buffalo

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