Me: I guess New York Knick legend #CharlesOakley had his day in a New York City court today for that incident that happened at Madison Square Garden a couple months back.

#WillieLynch: Oh yeah? What did he say?

Me: “It’s some bulls*** to me”. He also maintains that he did nothing wrong when he went to that game, and sat a couple of rows behind #JamesDolan the top executive of the New York Knicks, and also the head of #MadisonSquareGarden. He said nothing to Dolan he says, he was just there to enjoy the game. He had been publicly vocal about the Knicks who have been consistently do do.

#Willie: “He did nothing wrong”? The first thing he did wrong was being born black. We don’t need no 6 foot 9, 250 pound, dumb ass gorilla trying to tell us how to run our godam business. As I have said before, the Knicks who are full of “niggs” and knicks, will make money regardless of if they win or not. Why? Because the team is located in New York City, one of the largest cities in the world. There’s something like 12 million people living there daily. Mutherf**r$ are on waiting lists to see their do do asses play ball. You, particularly your males are the thing that we fear the most, above all else. All one of you have to do is just look at us, and we’re scarred s**less. This is what happened to little, white man Dolan. He saw that big, scary, “angry”, looking mutherf**r and signaled to Garden security to “get his monkey ass outta here”! He figured its better to be safe, than sorry in case Oakley tried to do something. And, he knows the “just us” system will have his back in case the situation went to a court. Lol, no pun intended. Let this be a lesson to all you other “ball players”. The era of #JimBrown is over, and #Kaepernick will not be playing in the #NFL next year. Go date one of the skanky models or escorts we gave you, go dunk a ball, go run your black ass into the end zone, or go run your asses to #KFC to get some mutherf***n gold “chicken wings”. But don’t ever think you are smart enough, or capable enough to tell us how to run our country or business. As a matter of fact, we don’t want ya’ll n**@$ to think at all.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology #Buffalo #BuffaloNY