#Me: I see the #ErieCounty District Attorney is not playing when it comes to battling this “opium crisis” in the #Buffalo area. He’s prosecuting this guy whose girlfriend died of an overdose at his house as a homicide. This is a first for Erie County/#Buffalo. I guess this is the 2nd woman he was dating that died of an overdose at his house.


“I believe this is the first time our office has charged anyone for a homicide-related offense in a fatal drug overdose, and I hope it is the first of many,” Flynn said. “Let this be a message to drug dealers that if you sell drugs and the person dies, I am coming after you.”

#WillieLynch: And, look for this to be a growing trend around the country. Whites are going to strongly advocate, organize, lobby the “system”, and do everything in their power to protect their loved ones and people from the dangers of the illegal drug underworld. I know many #Negroes wish that there was this much compassion and punishment when the “crack epidemic” was happening in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This new “crisis” is actually the same play out of the crack epidemic playbook. This is chemical warfare at it’s finest. And, the slick thing about it, is that because it is a different drug, at a different time, mostly affecting a different population, people act like it’s something new. This is the genius of our programming #Monkenzie, and why we can get away with so much — people are programmed to have short memories. We have to work on the poor white trash too. Regardless of what many of them may think, we’re getting their monkey asses outta here too. We just have to do a better public relations job with it, because they (unlike your black asses) are actually #American citizens. It’s the same drug play out of our drug playbook where there is some #OliverNorth type character bringing in millions of kilos of the stuff every year. Lol, we’ll set up some low level black or brown drug dealer to take the fall as the “drug kingpin” a la #FreewayRickRoss style to make the public think that we are attacking the problem at it’s “highest levels”. Lol, as if some N**r is smart enough, or has enough resources and connections (including military clearance) to supply heroin or opium to the entire country, and all of white America. But, it goes to show the low level of consciousness we’re dealing with among the masses.

#LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology #BuffaloNY

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